Home again, home again, giggity gee…

Tracy delivered me safely home and sporting only a moderate layer of southeastern Colorado topsoil.

Our pronghorn protecting adventure ended with me gently coaxing some trespassing hunters from our preserve this morning while Tracy diligently took down license plates and descriptions. We were on our previously uneventful patrol when we saw a truck and camper top rumbling up the hill into the middle of one of our preserve pastures. They went straight past the clear “No trespassing” sign and continued inward looking for prey. We pulled in, I waved them down, and they left with a polite social lie about thinking they were further North. But they left.

Then we visited with other pronghorn protectors, visited some prairie dogs and burrowing owls, and made the long trek home.

Here is some of what we left behind:


Open range cattle enjoying the wind farm neighboring the preserve.


Valleys and buttes.


Scenic vistas.


A lovely spring.


Vast open land protected for wildlife.

It’s car camping for real…

Some people take cars full of gear to go camping, this weekend we are camping in a car. Hatchet and I have removed the seats from her mini-van, covered the floor in mattress pads and sleeping bags, and driven far east to monitor SPLT preserve lands for trespassing hunters.

We have found some lovely things along the way and made new friends.


Our creek and beaver dam.


Someone fuzzy lives here.


Another lovely water spot.


A busy tarantula walks by.

Another stops to say hello:

Our “dinner table” and the foot of our bed.

Tomorrow we patrol the borders and protect pronghorn. Tonight we attempt to overcome our fear of peeing in the dark surrounded by tarantulas.


This is what lunch looks like:

And this is the turtle we herded off the road:

Update part deaux:

We are stalking beavers!! There is a stream/creek running through the preserve and in it are beavers. We have seen proof of them!

Okay, we were wrong, we’ve seen proof of racoon.



We have also gotten to see monarchs!

Sweet relief…

I went in to see the doc and she immediately put me back on the Methergine at a full dose. It’s been a few days now and I am seeing some improvement again. It’s a relief.

I am a bit nervous about the side effects but I am scheduled for an echocardiogram, an MRI, and a chest x-ray soon so I should know whether or not I am building up any scar tissue soon. If I haven’t I can stay on it for another six months. Choosing to remain on a drug that could cause cardiac valve scarring is pretty scary but it’s not as bad as living with such a high level headache every day.

I am also in physical therapy now. My PT spends a good deal of time unscrewing my head, teaching me exercises for the neck and shoulders, and encouraging me to sit on a yoga ball at work. Some of the stuff she has taught me seems to help.

In the meantime, I am working more on my jewelry and training for my first 5k.

Distraction techniques

My doctor mentioned that neurological studies show that pain reduction occurs if you remain distracted. In other words, try not to think about it. Reading is difficult with migraines, so is working on the computer, but listening to books on tape and making things seems to be about perfect!

My latest creation, a peacock, black pearl, silver rose, glass, onyx and tiger eye necklace, kept me occupied for a while:


I am really enjoying learning more about jewelry making. I just bought a book on wire wrapping so I can progress further with those techniques. I am really interested in wire weaving and the finished product is very cool to look at. For the nonce I am just happy to feel useful and creative while I sit in my cave.


I am struggling today, this whole week actually. I am backsliding. My pain level is getting higher each day, my energy level lower, and my spirits droopier than ever.

It’s enough to make me want to crawl into a Sarlacc belly to be slowly digested over the next 10,000 years.

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